Important Residential Asphalt Paving Tips

It’s been a while since my last post and I wanted to make it up to everyone here by providing some great value. I’ve been asked about this too many times to even count, so here’s professional advice along with a few important tips¬†from a parking lot striping company in Virginia Beach:

I feel that in order for any paving project to be successful,there needs to be a certain amount of preparation, research and planning. Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself:

  1. Choose the right base – it is crucial to choose the correct base for your pavement before you do anything else. What am I talking about when I say base? The base is underneath the actual asphalt pavement. Think of it as a foundation of your house, if the foundation is laid improperly, chances are that it will sink and so will the house. It’s no different with asphalt, no matter what you decide to get paved. It is super important for your base to be well pressed and compacted, otherwise it might sink and cause your freshly installed asphalt to crack. Other than the looks, cracking can lead to things like erosion from the rainwater intrusion and settling over the base. Other things that can be caused by incorrectly installed base include and are not limited to: potholes, sink holes, indentations and sliding (like the tectonic plates). (more…)

4 Tips To Effectively Clean Your Home

As most of us know, both children and adults suffer from allergies during high pollen seasons, but not many of us know that pollen isn’t the only factor that causes an allergic reaction.

As much as I love the Do It Yourself ways to clean and allergen proof your home, mine… gets cleaned regularly by a local home cleaning company. For those of you in the Hampton Roads area, you can reach them at I initially trusted them with my home cleaning needs approximately 7 years ago, and haven’t had any regrets so far.

So, without any further ado, the 7 DIY tips to allergen proof your home:

1. Bedroom is key.

First and most important I feel is the area or room of your home where you spend most of your time. Yes, your bedroom!
On average, a person sleep between 6 and 8 hours per day… That add up to 49 hours each week. Now sit down and really let that sink in… Some of us don’t even work that much.

So, all I’m trying to say is start with the bedroom!

2. Floor comes first.

Air Quality

One important thing about taking care of the air in your home is correct care of you utilities.

Some people forget to check on these and keep them under maintenance after getting these. Replacing filters on your air conditioning units is one of those important things. It is vital for you to replace these filters in order to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently. You need to keep the air in your home clean and without particles so that the air quality is in good condition for the residents in the home.

If you do not replace these air conditioning filters, the air will not be filtered properly and these dust particles will be stuck in the air. If these dust particles stay in the air, the residents of the home will breath them in and this can affect human health, damaging the lungs. These filters need to be replaced every three months on average to keep the air quality in your home the best it can be. (more…)

Radon In Our Homes

One of the most important things about your home is the safety of it.

Generally when thinking about safety, we think uncovered plugs and cracks in walls, but we don’t consider the air we are breathing in each and every day. How do we know if what we breathe in every day within our homes is uncontaminated and truly safe for us?

One of the most common things present in the air in our homes is radon. What is radon you ask? Radon gas, more specifically, is a carcinogen which contaminates the air in our homes and can lead to lung cancer. The lower your exposure to it, the safer you are. (more…)