Air Quality

One important thing about taking care of the air in your home is correct care of you utilities.

Some people forget to check on these and keep them under maintenance after getting these. Replacing filters on your air conditioning units is one of those important things. It is vital for you to replace these filters in order to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently. You need to keep the air in your home clean and without particles so that the air quality is in good condition for the residents in the home.

If you do not replace these air conditioning filters, the air will not be filtered properly and these dust particles will be stuck in the air. If these dust particles stay in the air, the residents of the home will breath them in and this can affect human health, damaging the lungs. These filters need to be replaced every three months on average to keep the air quality in your home the best it can be.

Another important aspect of replacing these filters is to let the air in your home flow freely.

While traveling in the air system, the air needs to quickly and freely flow from one area to the next. If these filters aren’t clean and in good condition, the air cannot flow as freely and will not move nearly as quick from one area of the house to the next. This creates uneven cooling within your home and will run up your electric bill. When uneven cooling occurs, certain areas of your home will seem to be hotter than others and this may cause you to turn up your A/C. By doing this, you are wasting energy because your home is already cooling, the air is just not coming out and spreading throughout the house, therefore your issue is not with the temperature, but the movement of the air. To replace these filters is fairly simply. You go to your local hardware store or a chain such as Lowe’s or The Home Depot and buy air conditioning filter replacements.

Before you go to the store, measure the filters you currently have in your air conditioning system. You won’t want to get the wrong size because they will not work effectively and will be a waste of your money. These filters aren’t too much money out of your pocket however, you must spend it wisely. They can range from five dollars all the way up to fifty dollars. You shouldn’t need the most expensive kind but make sure you don’t get low quality filters. Once you get them, its quite simple. You just go to wherever your air conditioning system is located. Check the side and bottom of the machine for where the filters are located. Once you find this area, you simply slide out the old filters and pop the new ones back in. Make sure you replace them every three months, at the latest four.

If you do this, the air quality in your home should stay clean and pure!


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