Important Residential Asphalt Paving Tips

It’s been a while since my last post and I wanted to make it up to everyone here by providing some great value. I’ve been asked about this too many times to even count, so here’s professional advice along with a few important tips from a parking lot striping company in Virginia Beach:

I feel that in order for any paving project to be successful,there needs to be a certain amount of preparation, research and planning. Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself:

  1. Choose the right base – it is crucial to choose the correct base for your pavement before you do anything else. What am I talking about when I say base? The base is underneath the actual asphalt pavement. Think of it as a foundation of your house, if the foundation is laid improperly, chances are that it will sink and so will the house. It’s no different with asphalt, no matter what you decide to get paved. It is super important for your base to be well pressed and compacted, otherwise it might sink and cause your freshly installed asphalt to crack. Other than the looks, cracking can lead to things like erosion from the rainwater intrusion and settling over the base. Other things that can be caused by incorrectly installed base include and are not limited to: potholes, sink holes, indentations and sliding (like the tectonic plates).
  2. License and Insurance – when looking for an asphalt contractor to do the work for you, make sure to check out everyone and don’t necessarily go for the cheapest guy on the block. Be sure to ask them for their license and contractor numbers to check their validity with the state. I can’t stress enough the importance of this one thing. It might take you an extra hour and cost $500 bucks extra, but what you’re saving could be 3 to 4 thousand bucks. Think about it… If the installation is done incorrectly, chances are it will need to be repaved in the near future and the company will charge you to remove the old pavement and install the new one. Just some food for thought! Always check for license and insurance!
  3. Check the work – every once in a while I see people getting asphalt work done and they let the company leave without checking or inspecting the work, only to later find out that there’s too much asphalt and it isn’t level with the ground. believe it or not, but it’s a huge trip hazard, especially for your kids. What happens next is the customer calls the company back only to find out that there’s an extra charge to come back and preform more work. Make sure that the asphalt company you hired doesn’t leave the sight unless you’re completely satisfied with the work they have done on your property… After all… It’s your hard earned money that pays their bills!
  4. Maintenance – once the work has been performed and the time starts to fly by, be sure to seal coat it every day or two just to keep it looking great and prevent cracking. It might seem like too much maintenance at times, but trust me, it totally worth it as it’s extending the lifetime of your brand new pavement.


In closing I would like to say that it’s crucial to find the right company for your paving work. If it’s a big job, make sure that they can handle it. As always, feel free to reach out to me and we’ll talk to you in the next post.


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